App Publishers

should earn more money from their mobile apps


should reach more people and achieve more sales

What We Do

Very simply, Leadbolt provides the highest returns to both Advertisers and Publishers. With Leadbolt, Advertisers obtain the highest quality, most cost effective way of generating Leads. For App Developers, Leadbolt delivers more ad formats and better return that ever. How do we do it ? We have a unified SDK giving app developers a one stop integration point, easy implementation, and the most comprehensive feature set available from Content Locks to Banners, Text ads, insterstitials, Video ads, Push notifications and Offer Walls.

Placement Supported

The Leadbolt 3 pronged strategy of Entry, Engage and Exit covers every single monetization point in an application offering more opportunity to monetize an application, translating to greater returns. With the huge variety of ad formats offered, we have specialized placements covering every point in an app From the Splash, post splash and menu screen to in-game, inter-level and in-play and finally exit and post exit points. Our Content Locking which we have Simpler integration. Each section demands specific ads. We optimize and present To ensure the most relevant format for the most suitable location.

Suitable For

Leadbolt has an offering to suit everyone. Whether its market survey type offers to banner ads and videos, Leadbolt does it all. This huge array of ad formats means Leadbolt is the perfect choice for any and every Application Developer. Leadbolt offers it all.


We have over 80 apps in the market and Leadbolt is our top choice. By switching our apps to Leadbolt, we've increased our revenue by 2X over other networks and have achieved over $110 eCPMs consistently in US.

- Richard Harris
Moonbeam Development

Solutions For

  • Content Locks
  • Users take offers in return for app rewards and further gameplay
  • Video Ads
  • You will engage an audience through high quality video advertisements
  • Notifications
  • Users will receive your advertisements in the form of push notifications
  • Interstitials
  • Users will view your advertisements via in-app interruption advertising or interstitials during app navigation
  • Banner Ads
  • Users will see your advertisement in the form of banners on screen during app play
  • Capture Forms & Offer Walls
  • Users will opt-in to your offers with form input or web submission