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Reach and engage your audience with maximum efficiency. Choose from our Self-Serve platform or utilize our Fully-Managed user-acquisition services.

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Acquire quality users -
at scale

Whether launching your app or growing your base, our expansive network of 65,000+ premium apps across 165 countries, delivers unlimited access to massive volume and quality users worldwide.

Acquire quality users
Managed App Marketing Solutions

Direct deals

Take advantage of our direct relationships with chart-topping app developers, studios and providers in Leadbolt’s Direct Deals Marketplace. Get matched with best-fit partners for instant, proven and powerful campaign performance.

High-impact ad formats

Advanced demographic, geographic and contextual targeting technology lets you reach your audience with precision.

Beautiful, expertly delivered mobile video ads, rich display and native ad campaigns let you captivate and convert.

Choose from a range of campaign media buys: CPM, CPC, CPCV & CPI.

High Impact Ad Formats

Exceptional results

Exceptional results

What’s even better than more users? BETTER users.

Leadbolt advertiser partners achieve exceptional quality campaign performance, exceeding industry benchmarks:

tick Stronger Lifetime Values (LTVs)
tick Higher Retention Rates
tick More Predictable, Consistent ROI

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Standard Account

Our self-serve platform provides you with a comprehensive mobile advertising portal, so you stay in control throughout your entire campaign. Perfect for affiliate marketers, brokered offers and non-developers. Our Self-Serve, Real Time Bidding, CPC and CPM platform gives advertisers full control to target, bid, allocate spend and track results.

Fully-Managed Service

Our fully-managed solution provides advertisers unlimited access to premium audiences and inventory. With 24/7 Managed Service and Dedicated Account Support, our team of campaign optimization experts are on call to ensure your success. Ideal for networks, brands, agencies, DSPs and major app developers. With our managed solution, you can leave the planning to us.

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