LeadBolt is a content unlocking ad network – operating the leading content unlocking optimization platform.  More than 300 advertisers utilize LeadBolt’s content locking ad platform to drive traffic to their websites.  LeadBolt works with dozens of the largest Android app developers and mobile publishers.

LeadBolt’s unique feature is the aggregation of 150+ ad networks globally to maximize mobile advertising revenues.  Through ad serving technologies and the targeted range of SDKs, LeadBolt can be easily integrated with ad networks, ad inventory owners (publishers, developers, and operators), and 3rd party ad technology providers. LeadBolt is an active member of the Mobile Marketing Association.  The privately held company was founded in 2010 and has a presence in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, USA.

What is Involved?

LeadBolt works with advertisers and publishers to ensure that leads are generated and delivered in real-time with clear calls to action. Our goal is always to establish positive user experiences with a win for advertisers and publishers.

The LeadBolt platform allows advertisers to reach consumers without incurring Cost-per-Impression (CPM) risk. Advertising takes place on a performance-based, Cost-per-Lead (CPL) or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis. Consumers using smartphones and tablet devices can now connect with major brands from their favorite browsing device. The result: targeted, real-time inquiries resulting in profitable media buys.